The Oklahoma Bass Federation will start the 2016 year by completing the 36 year old program and start our new, future program.

First, we’ll again qualify a 12 man team to fish the final Central Division Tournament on Truman Lake in Missouri, June 19-24. This will be the top 6 boaters and next 6 highest finishers at our three state qualifying tournaments (SQT). These events will be at Texoma, March 12-13, Eufaula April 2-3 and Muskogee, April 30-May 1. Each weekend event will be two separate tournaments with the winner getting 100 points, 2nd 99 and one less for each place. The final results will be the total of the four highest days. The top two team members at the Divisionals will advance to the National Finals with the highest being the boater and the other the co-angler.

Now the second part, the new program will run parallel to the above in 2016 and then stand alone in 2017 and the future. In 2016, we’ll run this along with the 12 team qualifying event. Here’s the difference; we’ll qualify 10% of the field to the Nationals Semi-Finals (NSF). That will be 10% of the total individuals with paid entry to our SQT’s along with the Top 6 and the State Team tournament. The Top 6 and the State Team event will be held at Muskogee, September 17-18.

An example of this is as follows: if we have 50 contestants at each of our 6 qualifiers that would give us 300 contestants allowing 15 boaters and 15 co-anglers to advance to the NSF. Likewise, using this past year’s numbers, we had 48 in the Top 6 and 54 in the State Team events. That would allow 5 boaters and 5 co-anglers, in addition to, the SQT qualifiers. The new program allows each club to send a boater and co-angler to the NSF. For a club to be eligible, they must have at least 2 entrants in any of the above events (it requires the two to enter and attend at least 2 of the SQT weekend events). The NSF will have an entry fee of $200 for boaters and $100 for co-anglers. This event will be run using rules establish by the TBF and all entries will be made through the TBF office.

The NSF will be held in Muskogee Sept. 24-25. We’ll fish with Arkansas in this event in a home/home format, next year, we’ll fish in Arkansas. We’ll advance the top boaters and co-anglers to the TBF National Championship. Those advancing will be based on one pair for every 50 entrants in the NSF. In the example above, we would send the top 2 boaters and co-anglers to the Nationals along with the two qualifying from the Central Division Tournament. At Nationals, our three boaters and three co-anglers will compete on Monday and Tuesday in an elimination tournament with the top boater and top co-angler advancing to the National Finals.

This is open to all Members meeting the requirements of the OBF. If you are interested, call 580-761-8094.

2015 Oklahoma Bass Federation Top 6 State Tournament

The Oklahoma Bass Federation held their 2015 State Top Six Tournament on the Arkansas River out of the Three

Oklahoma Top 6

Oklahoma Top 6

Forks Marina in Muskogee, Okla., September 12-13. The weather during practice days met us with fairly warm temperatures. Most reported limited success during practice with catches mostly of smaller, 14inch fish. But, due to a front Friday night, the tournament and surface temperatures were more appealing to both the fishermen and the fish. Read the rest of this entry »

Oklahoma Bass Federation Defends OBF Crowned 2015 Central Division Champs

Johnny Babb and Stewart Ryan Advance To

2016 TBF Nationals

The Oklahoma Bass Federation defended their position as the Central Division Champs by winning the Central Division Tournament taking the title on the Tenn-Tom Waterway in Aberdeen, MS.  The team took the 2014 title on Eufaula Lake in Oklahoma and now has added the 2015 title, being one of the few State Teams to ever have back-to-back Divisional Championships.

Day 1

The practice days were hampered by rain, swift river currents, and ever changing weather.  However, as the tournament started the water calmed, the skies cleared, and many of the things learned during the practice went out the window and the anglers had to change with the conditions.  The team weighed in only 12 fish, tied for the 5th ranking State of fish weighed in as a team total, however, our weight per fish averaged 2-9 pounds and placed the OBF in 3rd after the initial day of competition.  Johnny Babb let the team with a two fish catch weighing 6-15 pounds followed by 4 plus pound stringers from Brandon Moss, Mike Zachary, Ron Fuller, and Gene Vogt.  Brandon and Ron had only one fish each but they were 4-14 and 4-09, respectively.  Stewart Ryan (3-07) and Jackie Husmann (2-04) rounded out the 30-15 pounds total leaving us behind both Kansas and Mississippi by only 3 pounds.  After day one Johnny ranked 3 overall for the tournament with Brandon at 14, Mike at 18 and Ron at 20.  Only 57 of the 94 contestants weighed in fish the first day, 102 fish caught for a total weight of 211-13.

Day 2

Johnny Babb and Stewart Ryn 2016 Nation Qualifiers.

Johnny Babb and Stewart Ryn 2016 Nation Qualifiers.

During our team meeting following the 1 day, we were able to reevaluate and change our approach for competition the second day.  The result proved to really pay dividends.  Our team brought 22 fish to the scales owith an average, again, of about 2-8.  Johnny improved his first days catch with 4 fish weighing 9-10.  Mike and Gene also put 4 fish on the scales with 7-11 and 6-13. Brandon had 3 for 6-6. Ron Boyd and Ron Fuller brought in two fish  each weighing 5-6 and 4-11, respectively.  ( Ron Boyd’s  first day partner wanted to go up the river 5 locks and due to lock delays did not get back in time to weigh in.  It was a team decision for Ron to take the “adventure” trip.)  The only team close to us in number of  fish was Mississippi with 21 fish, however, their fish averaged only 1-10.

After the day 2 weigh in Oklahoma jumped from 3 to first with a 9 pound lead over Kansas and an 11 pound lead over Mississippi. We had four team members in the top 10, Johnny at 2, Mike at 7, Brandon at 8 and Gene at 9.  Ron Fuller moved up from 20 to 16 while Stewart advanced 3 places from 29 to 26.

Day 3

The final day started with our team going out to maintain our lead.  The big stringer for the final day for us  was a 5 fish limit weighing 10-6, one of the largest of the tournament, by Stewart.  Johnny continued to increase his daily total with 9-15 being the only angler in the tournament to increase his catch each of the three days.   On the last day, many of the anglers from other states was more interested in going home than catching fish.  Two our anglers, Brannon Whipple and Chuck Nelson had a difficult draws and had not weighed fish on day 1 or day 2, rather than be discouraged they combined to bring 6 fish to the scales for a total of 11-15.  Brannon had four weighing 8-13 while Chuck had 2 at 3-2.  (Our margin of victory turnout to be 11-14.)

Oklahoma won the tournament with a total catch of 122-10 followed by Mississippi with 110-12 and in third was Arkansas with 97-3.  OBF had 22 fish the last day with a total of 44-10 while Mississippi had 21 fish to move into second.

On the individual level, Johnny Babb was crowned the Central Division individual Champion and also won a $500 Ranger Cup bonus for himself, as he did last year, and $500 to be shared by other Ranger Cup qualified team members. Johnny, already a BFL All-American from his efforts in the 2015 TBF Nationals, qualified at the Boater in the 2016 TBF Nationals.   The big gest jump in the  standings was Stewart Ryan with a move from 26 to 6.  This qualified Stewart to be the non-boater at the 2016 TBF Nationals.  Mike ended with 10 place finish with Ron Fuller at 12, Brandon Moss at 16 and Gene Vogt at 20.

This makes the second year that we have won the Division Championship, the individual champion ( Dean Matts was the 2014 Division Champ), and had the winner of the Central Division Ranger Cup competition.

For additional info and the daily standings go to www.bassfederation.com.  Go to Tournaments, Tournament Results, then Division Tournament Results, and TBF Central Divisional Championship.

Oklahoma Open Team Tournament



For Entry Form and Rules CLICK HERE

Stewart Ryan Wins 2015 Oklahoma Bass Federation State Championship

After six days of tournaments, with each angler counting their top four days, the race for the State Champion title came down to a dead heat with Stewart Ryan and Brandon Moss tied with 394 points.  Not only were they tied on points, they were also equal on the first two tie breakers, most fish weighed (20) and most fish weighed alive (20).  The third tie breaker was the largest single day catch.  Stewart won that with a 15 lbs stringer while Brandon could not seem to bread into the 15 pound range.  Dean Matts took third followed by Mike Zachary, Ron Fuller, Curtis Bryan, and Johnny Babb.  The top 6 will be our Boaters at the Central Division Tournament May 31 thru June 5 on Tenn-Tom waterway in Aberdeen, Mississippi.  (Due to work schedule, Cutis Bryan will not be able to attend the Divisional.)  The 12 man team will be filled with Ron Boyd, Gene Vogt, Brannon Whipple, John Garcia, Jackie Hausmann, and Chuck Nelson as the non-boaters.

The final tournament was held on the River system out of the 3 Forks ramp in Muskogee.  Although we have had changing weather at our first two tournaments, the May 2,3 event went without abrupt changes and limited wind conditions.  Due to the intense competition during the first two tournaments, 37 anglers still had a chance to move into the top 12.  In fact, Jackie Husmann moved from 34 to 12th will Gene Vogt shot from 33 up to 9th.

Day 1

The Saturday event began with a 6:00 am start and concluded with a 3:00 pm weighin.  Brandon Moss lead the field with a catch of 13.80 with the big bass of 5.08 pounds to anchor his catch.  Stewart Ryan  was second with a 10.60 stringer.  Third went to Jackie Husmann at 8.74 followed by Kyle Tudor’s   8.24 nosing out Michael Morris’ 8.23 by .01 pounds to complete the top 5.  Rounding out the top 10 were Shawn Lewis at 6th, John Garcia 7th, Brian Browning 8th, Sandy Hooker 9th and Brandon West 10th.

Day 2

The final day of competition in our State Qualifying tournament schedule was again a partly clouded sky with a mild wind.  The top angler for day 2 was our 2014 State Champion Mike Zachary with the big bass (4.41)  and top creel of 14.47 pounds.  Following in second, matching his first days catch, was Stewart Ryan at 13.34.   Completing the top 5 were Gene Vogt with 11.62, Brandon Moss at 9.92, and Chuck Nelson with 9.06.  The 6 thru 10 place finisher for the day were Brian Browning, Michael Morris, Dean Matts, Brannon Whipple and Don Linder.

This final tournament also featured a “second chance” tournament for those with 175 two day points totals or less and not open to those that eventually make the top 12 team.  The pay back was 60% for first, 30% second and 10% for third based on a $10 per day entry fee.  Day one was won by Jackie Husmann but due to his making the team Kyle Tudor was declared the first day winner with Jackie being refunded his entry fee.  Michael Morris was second while Shawn Lewis held the final spot.  Day two found Gene Vogt in the same position as Jackie on Day 1, therefore,  Brian Browning was declared the second chance winner on Day 2 followed by Michael Morris and Don Linder at third.

Our next tournament will be an Open Team event on the River June 26.  Check the OKBASS.org website for info and entry forms.  The final tournament will also be held  in Muskogee with a combination Top 6 and a two person team tournament September 11 and 12. The two person team event will require that one of the two members be an OBF member, at least 16 years of  age and have a valid Oklahoma Drivers License.  Details will follow or call 580761-8094.

Fuller and Matts Top the Second OBF Qualifier on Eufaula

By Marisa Dye

The fishermen’s expectations were high in the days leading up to the Eufaula Oklahoma Bass Federation qualifying tournament with water temperatures in the 60’s and some impressive practice fishing catches. However, conditions changed and many angler’s hopes were dashed by day two of the qualifier, which was held April 13th and 14th, 2015.

The top 20 of the 46 competitors caught a limit on Saturday, but weight decided the fate of those who would be in the top spots. Bedlam Bass Club member Tony Latta didn’t place in the top 12, but part of his two-fish catch was an impressive 5.78 lb. lunker. A couple of anglers made even bigger catches when they hooked themselves (in the finger and belly, respectively), but they removed the hooks and kept fishing. The top three bass fishermen all had a big fish in their limits that helped give them the edge over the competition. Read the rest of this entry »


The first Oklahoma Bass Federation state qualifying tournament was held on Lake Texoma, March 22 and 23.  Although the usually wind torn lake was anything but windy.  The water temperature was almost ideal but with the ever changing weather conditions the fish were not as accommodating.  Many of  the anglers were hoping for at least a simple bite and hopefully a keeper fish on the other end of the line.  It has been 43 years since our first State Tournament which was held on Texoma and this was the lowest catch per angler on record.

Day 1

Although the conditions were tough Mike Zachary, last years State Champion, brought in a limit weighing 25.38 pounds with a 8.92 lunker.  The only other limit on day one was Brandon Moss with a second place finish at 15.24.  Brandon was followed by Kyle Tudor with 3 fish weighing 13.13.  Josh Landry make a good choice during the pairings meeting by agreeing to go as a non-boater so fellow club member, Brandon Moss, could take his boat.  Fishing with Mike Zachary,  the result was a 2 fish creel, however, one was 9.38 to take big bass honors for Day one  and a fourth place finish with 12.77.  There were 11 more anglers that boated 2 fish and those results are in the Day 1 summary. Read the rest of this entry »

Zachary Comes Out on Top in the First Two Days of Qualifiers

By Marisa Dye
Changing weather conditions threw some anglers for a loop at the Oklahoma Bass Federation Qualifier on Lake Texoma March 29th and 30th. Others fished well, including some of those new to OBF this year. Among state clubs in The Bass Federation (TBF), Oklahoma was second in the nation in the percent increase in new members this year, according to OBF President Don Linder.


Low lake levels made for some unusual hauls for some anglers on Saturday. Stewart Ryan of the Ada club had a big haul, but it was the wrong kind: a t-shirt, a marina trolly, and several stripers were among his findings, according to his partner for the day, Brian Browning of the Bedlam Bass Club.

Ryan’s luck wasn’t any better at weigh-in when he discovered his 18-year-old son Wyatt Ryan out-fished him. Wyatt, a student at East Central University and member of the East Central Fishing Team, fished in his first tournament at age 12. Wyatt Ryan weighed in four keepers totaling 10.53 lbs. Saturday to his dad’s one keeper. He said he used a crank bait to catch them, “like father like son,” he added, grinning. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 6 Info – Sept 26-28

The OBF top Six will be held out of Sisemore Landing on Tenkeiller lake, September 28 and 29.  Practice is 26 and 27th with the lake off-limits starting at dark on Sunday, September 22.

Headquarters will be the Tenkiller Lodge only about 7 miles from three or four ramps on the west side of the lake.  Since we trailer, this is as neutral as we could find for easy access.  Pettit Bay is on the north end Sisemore Landing a little south, Burnt Cabin at mid-lake and Strayhorn Landing at the Dam.

We have an agreed price of $59.95 for a room with two Queen Beds.  You need to tell them that you are with the Oklahoma Bass Federation.  Phone number is 918-453-9000.

All meetings, the Board meeting at 5 pm on Friday, September 27, and the briefing/rules meeting will be at 6:30 pm following the Board meeting at the Tenkiller Lodge.

If you have questions give me a call on 580-761-8094.


Stewart Ryan Tops in State for 2nd Year in a Row

By Marisa Dye
Some hard lessons were learned and some personal records made at the final Oklahoma Bass Federation Qualifier. The competitors experienced numerous ups and downs during the tournament at Lake Ray Roberts near Sanger, Texas.

Saturday’s Boat Woes

The biggest news Saturday wasn’t the fish, but the boats. Two boats took on water and a third, Gene Vogt’s, spun a hub after prop chopping through a stump field. Justin Clark of the Bedlam Bass Club ran out of fuel, apparently smack dab in the middle of the lake near the dam, according to partner Jake Beam of Ponca City Bassmasters.
Clark had caught a four-fish stringer that, had he weighed them in, might have taken thetop spot on Saturday. However, things weren’t going as planned as they started taking on water due to the 4-5 foot waves.

Meanwhile, Curtis Bryan of the Bedlam Bass Club heard that Gene Vogt and non-boater Ian McNeice were stranded, so he picked them up and brought them to weigh in. Then, as word got out about Clark and Beam’s predicament, Bryan high-tailed it in their direction. The local park ranger heard of the sinking boat and hauled her big boat to the scene soon after.
Bryan said that while he was headed toward Clark’s boat, he “speared a wave and got soaked head to toe.” He said that while both bilge pumps in his Ranger were working, theyapparently got a workout once he tied onto Clark’s boat. The drag from Clark’s Hawk pulled down the back of Bryan’s boat so that water from the waves splashed all the way up into the seats. Mike Zachary, who was with Bryan, suggested that since the park ranger had pulled up in her boat, they should cut ties and save themselves.
Beam, in the boat being towed, said, “When most of his (Bryan’s) boat’s deck was dark grey instead of light grey, I knew it was bad. I wasn’t scared until we had to level the boat with our own weight up by the trolling motor to keep it from sinking. It was scary.”
Finally, after a big wave that had Bryan and Zachary up to their necks in water, Zachary cut the rope. The Ranger’s bilge pumps were getting clogged with muck, but it stayed true to the legendary promise that Rangers keep upright level floatation. However, Bryan echoed Beam’s sentiments: “I got a little bit concerned.”
Once safely on dry land, Zachary exclaimed, “I’ve got drama. Tomorrow’s do or die for me.” Zachary’s worries were put to rest Sunday when he did make the state team. He added about his experience on Bryan’s rescue boat while it towed Clark’s boat, “I was spooked. You go up and go down the waves, but there’s not enough boat for the next wave.”
Saturday’s Results
Thankfully, no boats or boaters were lost on Saturday. Though no one caught a limit, John Becerra of The Bedlam Bass Club weighed in three fish totaling 7.93 lbs. Stewart Ryan of Ada Bassmasters took 2nd with three fish weighing 8.17 pounds.
Ryan’s club mate, Brandon Beck, came out on top with 12.62 lbs for 3 fish. He was penalized a half-pound deduction for his 4th fish, which was dead.

The anglers were glad to put Saturday’s fishing behind them as they aired out their soaked drawers in preparation for Day 2.
Sunday’s Results
Day 2’s sunny skies were a welcome change for the fishermen. The curse of the broken boats lifted for the day, so everyone was able to arrive on time and mostly dry for weigh-in. Four anglers even caught a limit, which was no small feat considering Saturday’s numbers.
Mike Zachary of Ada Bassmasters took third place with four fish weighing 15.07 pounds total. Bedlam Bass Club member Matt Crawford’s limit totaled 17.12 lbs. Darrel Dye was Sunday’s big winner with a personal record (as well as the day’s Big Bass) hog weighing 8.25 pounds, which he caught while rigging. His four-fish stringer of 18.73 pounds also won him the biggest stringer of the weekend prize.
State Team Roster Named
OBF President Don Linder announced the results of the combined points from three weekend qualifiers over the past three months. The anglers and point totals he announced are as follows:

  1. Stewart Ryan, State Champion, 398
  2. Curtis Bryan, 388
  3. Dan Wallace,  386
  4. Jody Linder, 382
  5. Brandon Beck, 381
  6. Mike Zachary, 380
  7. Matt Crawford, 379
  8. Mike Morgan, 378
  9. Justin Clark, 375
  10. Johnny Babb, 373
  11. Ron Boyd, 372
  12. John Garcia, 367

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