We would like to invite any and all your school bass teams to the 5th Annual Veteran & Wounded Warrior Freedom Boat Bass Tournament at Ft Gibson White Horn Cove on July 15 from 6am to 2pm.   Come take a veteran with you out Fishing or just interact with the Veterans. After weigh in we will have trophies, food and door prizes also the families are invited to be at the weigh in. Even if the family member wants to fish they can fish also, ideally we would like to have a Veteran in every boat not mandatory.

The cost to non-veterans is $50 plus $10 big bass and 1st responder, Veterans are free but pay $10 for big Bass, every fisherman will get a free T-shirt.

You can go to our website ( veteranwoundedwarriorfreedomboat.com ) to get entry form/release of liability and please call Ed Napier at 918-406-5100 to inform him you’ll be fishing.

All fisherman/woman must have fishing license and minors must have release form from parent.

Thanks,  Ed Napier



The Oklahoma Bass Federation held their second week-end tournament April 22 and 23, 2017 on Eufaula Lake.  It appears that the weather coordinates with our events since we seem to attract ever changing conditions during our practice and tournament days.  Thursday, our first practice day, the weather was an excellent day to check the low levels of Eufaula with little wind.  True to predictions, Friday brought a strong front with most of the anglers getting hit by strong winds and more than enough rain to disrupt their practice.  However, the anglers, fishing to qualify for the September 16 and 17 TBF National Semi-Finals at Lake Dardanelle in Russellville, AR, adjusted to the ever-changing conditions and confirmed that we have an excellent group of anglers to choose from, one boater and one co-angler, to advance to the 2018 TBF National Championship.




The first day greeted the anglers with temperatures in the high 40’s and high winds.  Trying to find a favorite fishing location, we were one of seven tournaments on the waters on Saturday and with the high winds many of the areas that some of the anglers wanted to fish were covered with other boaters.  However, Andy Beloat and Daren Lewis, NEO, fought the wind and elements to weigh a limit of 15.20# stringer with an anchor Big Bass of the day at 5.58# to garner first place.   Being a good boat guide, Andy allowed his co-angler Daren to catch the lunker.  John Garcia and Brett Taylor, Bedlam, nailed down the 2nd place position with a limit of fish weighing 13.85#.  The limit included a 4.69# lunker with a combination of largemouth and smallmouth bass.  Gene Vogt and Donnie Combrink, Ponca City Hookers, nosed out Mike Morris and Chris Terren, Ada, for 3rd with a limit of 13.37# while Mike and Chris was 0.22# for a 4th place total of 13.15#.  Fifth place went to Dean Matts and Scott Callaway, Central, with their five fish tipping the scales at 12.10# pushing fellow Central Club members, Richard and Matt Schwalbach to 6th with a limit weighing 11.73#.  Stewart Ryan and Wendel Reaper, Ada, and Ron Boyd and Brian Browning rounded out the 11 plus pound limits with Stewart and Wendel posting 11.56# to best Ron and Brian’s 11.34#.  The Ada pair took 7th while the two from Bedlam posted the 8th place finish.  Brett Kreiger, fishing alone while this partner was fishing the NBAA National’s, made  his first outing as a boater and trolling motor operator pay off by garnering his 9th place finish and his first limit weighing 10.72#.  Brett is with Ponca City and lives in Dallas.  Rounding out the top ten was Marc and Julie Downs, Bedlam, with a limit at 10.37#.



The second was more like a mild winter morning with temperatures in the low 40’s, however the winds were more in the 8 to 10 mph out of the North with a clear blue sky.  Although there were 21 limits, Jack Garrett, NEO, and Cameron Adams, Ponca City, brought in the biggest limit of the tournament with 5 fish weighing 18.28# for 1st place.  The limit included the big bass of the weekend at 6.43# and was accompanied by an additional six pounder.  Stewart Ryan and Wendel Reaper, Ada, moved up from their 7th place on day one to take the number 2 spot with a limit weighing 14.22#.  The only 12 pound limit brought to the scales on day 2 was by Mike Morgan and Blake Rouch, Ada.  Their 5 fish tipped the scales at 12.34# for their 3rd place.  Dean Matts and Scott Callaway, Central, moved up one place from their first day catch from 5th to 4th with 11.83#.  The fifth presented us with our first tie since using the digital scales that weigh to the nearest 0.01#.  Two teams weighted in limits of 11.56#, therefore, Andy Beloat and Daren Lewis, NEO, and Mike Morris and Chris Terren, Ada, shared the 5th and 6th place positions.  John Becerra and Keith Whitmire, Bedlam, took 7th with an 11.22# bag.  Gene Vogt and Donnie Combrink , PC Hookers, had a limit weighing 10.92# for 8th place.  Ninth place went to day one 2nd place finishers, John Garcia and Brett Taylor, Bedlam, with 10.65# limit and was followed by Jackie Husmann and Sandy Hooker, PC Hookers, at 10th with a limit weighing 10.42#.




The total catch for both day were about the same.  On Saturday, with the high winds and overcast skies, there were 116 fish weighed in with a total weight of 237 pounds, which is an average of 2.05 pounds per fish.  The Sunday, with light winds and clear blue skies, brought 113 fish to the scales for a total weight of 230 pounds for a 2.04 pound average.  The big bass for day one was a 5.58 pounder boated by Daren Lewis, NEO, while Jack Garrett took the second day and overall weekend Lunker with a 6.43 pounder. The Day 1 Ranger Cup winner was Gene Vogt, PC Hookers, with his third place finish while Stewart Ryan, Ada, took Day 2 Ranger Cup honors with his second place finish.

The first four of our six tournaments of our 2017 schedule have been completed.  The final two events will determine both the Oklahoma Bass Federation Team State Champion and the top qualifiers to advance to the TBF District 6 National Semi-Finals in September.  The current leading team is Stewart Ryan and Wendel Reaper, Ada, with a four day total of 378 points.  There are two other teams in the 370 class was Dean Matts and Scott Callaway, Central, garnering second with 375 points followed by Jason and Larry Conaway, Chickasha, at third with 370 points.  Gene Vogt and Donnie Combrink, PC Hookers, edged out Mike Morris and Chris Terren, Ada, by one point registering 368 points for fourth place to Mike and Chris’ fifth place finish with 367 points.  Sixth place was taken by Mike Morgan and Chris Terren, Ada, with 365 points.  Wyatt Ryan and Keltyn Hendrix, Ada, charted 363 points to capture seventh place while Marc and Julie Downs was eight with 362 points.  NEO’s Andy Beloat and Daren Lewis took the ninth place position with 360 points.  Tenth ended in a tie between two Bedlam teams.  The team of Brandon West and Chris Angier matched John Garcia and Brett Taylor with each team getting 357 points.

The final two tournaments will be on Lake Hudson with the weighin at the Snowdale State Park.  The headquarters will be at the Holiday Motel, 918-864-1967, with a meeting at 6:30 pm for fishing times and off limits.






The Oklahoma Bass Federation started their 2017 tournament series on Lake Texoma to qualify anglers and co-anglers to the District 6 Bass Federation (TBF) Nationals Semi-Finals (NSF) at Lake Dardanelle in Russellville, Ark., September 16-17.  The top boaters and co-anglers from both Arkansas and Oklahoma will advance to the 2018 TBF Nationals to try to capture a trip to the 2018 TBF National Championship, presented by FLW.   The top boater from the 49 States at the TBF Nationals will earn a $100,000 “Living the Dream” prize package, which includes the use of a wrapped Ranger boat powered by Evinrude, a tow vehicle, fully paid entry into the 2018 FLW Tour, a cash award and automatic berths into both the 2018 BFL All-American and the 2018 Forrest Wood Cup.  First place on the co-angler side also receives a “Living the Dream” prize package, including paid entry fees into the 2018 FLW series, a cash award and an automatic berth into the 2018 BFL All-American.

Day 1 Leaders: (Back LR) Mike Morris and Chris Tarron, Ada; Tyler Waggoner and Bryce Harris, Ada; Brandon West and Chris Angier, Bedlam (Front LR) Jason and Larry Conaway, Chickasha; Wyatt Ryan and Kelton Hendrix, Ada

The OBF will qualify 10% of the anglers and co-anglers that participate in our qualifying events.  Texoma was the first of these events.  We will follow this event with two more Team events in April, at Eufaula, and May, at Hudson.  Anglers in these three events must fish at least 4 of the tournaments to qualify.  Following in June will be our Top 6 and a Team tournament for those either fishing in the Top 6 or others that did not make their individual club teams.  We will then take 10% of the total number of OBF members participating in these events and they will be able to advance to the NSF.  In addition to these qualifiers, each OBF club, in good standing, will be allowed to select a boater and co-angler to the NSF provided they have participation in one of our qualifying events.

The tournament at Texoma was a normal Oklahoma weekend with wind during practice, a front passing through Friday night, clear to partly cloudy on Saturday and blues skies on Sunday.  Also, as usual, many of the anglers adjusted to the pre-spawn pattern and 24 limits were brought in on Saturday and 23 on Sunday.


The first day of our State Qualifying Tournament (SQT) started with mild winds, for Texoma, overcast skies, with temperatures, both air and water, around 60 degrees and warming to the low eighties by weighin time.  Mike Morris and Chris Tarron, Ada Bassmasters, brought the largest limit of 5 bass, weighing 19.03# with a 4.24# lunker to anchor their stringer.   Another Ada team, Tyler Waggoner and Bryce Harris had limit that weighed 17.10# and was anchored by the Big Bass for the day at 5.35# to take the second place money.  Third was garnered by Brandon West and Chris Angier, Bedlam Bass Club, with 5 fish tipping the scales at 15.59# with a 4.94# big bass.  The father/son team of Larry and Jason Conaway’s, Chickasha,  limit weighed 14.30# for fourth place nosed out Wyatt Ryan and Kelton Hendrix, Ada, by 0.10# at 14.29# for fifth place.  Sixth went to Dean Matts and Scott Callaway, Central, with a limit weighing 14.07#, followed by Ron Boyd and Brian Browning, Bedam, with 13.73# at seventh.  Rounding out the top 10 was Shane Blocker and Matt Columbus, Bedlam, at eighth with 13.56#, Marc and Julie Downs, Bedlam, with 13.43# ninth, and tenth was Jackie Husmann and Sandy Hooker, PC Hookers, with 13.27#.

Day 2 Leaders: (Back LR) Marc and Julie Downs, Bedlam; Gene Vogt and Donnie Combrink, Ponca City; Jeffrey Linder and Brett Krieger, Ponca City (Front LR) Jason and Larry Conaway, Chickasha; Mike Morgan and Blake Rauch, Ada.



The second tournament of our SQT started with a clear blue sky, no wind.  Although the conditions seemed to indicate difficult fishing conditions, once again, our anglers proved they could adjust.  After a first day finish of ninth place, Marc and Julie Downs moved to first on Sunday by bringing  in 5 fish weighing 18.64# with a 4.85# anchor.  According to Julie, she caught the  fish on Saturday and decided to net Marc’s on Sunday.  Second place went to Gene Vogt and Donnie Combrink, PC Hookers, with a limit weighing 17.01# and a 4.89# anchor.  Third was garnered by Jeff Linder and Brett Krieger, Ponca City Bassmasters, with 16.27# with a big bass of 4.89#.  Larry and Jason Conaway, Chickasha, took fourth place, repeating their first day finish, with a limit weighing 15.95#.  Fifth went to Mike Morgan and Blake Rauch, Ada, with 15.77# including  the Big Bass, for the day and the weekend, weighing 6.39#.  Sixth was taken by Stewart Ryan and Wendle Reaper, Ada, at 15.44# nosing out Wyatt Ryan and Kelton Hendrix, Ada, by 0.26# at 15.18# for seventh.  Jody Linder and Jake Beam, Ponca City, captured eighth with 14.95# followed by Jeremy Vantuyl, and Michael Gaddis, PC Hooker, with 14.75#.  Tenth went to John Garcia and Brett Taylor, Bedlam, with a limit weighing 14.69#.


The first weekend of our SQT saw 24 limits on the first day with 134 fish weighed in.  The average weight was 2.47# per fish with a big bass weighing 5.35#.  The second day yielded 23 limits for a total of 130 fish.  The average for day 2 was 2.70# per fish including the big bass for the weekend at 6.39#.  The big bass for both days were the only bass weighed over the 5# class.

The race for the 2017 State Champion Team title will result from the sixth SQT events, using the total of the four highest results.  During our first two events, we had zero  blanks so everybody is in the race.  The point system used is 100 point for first, 99 for second and one less  per place.  Our present leading team with 194 points is Larry and Jason Conaway being the only two to cash a check both days.  They had a total of 30.25# for an average weight of 3.03# per fish.  The husband/wife pair of Marc and Julie Downs is a close second at 192 points.  They registered the biggest weekend total weight at 32.07# for a 3.21# per fish, they are also the first husband/wife team to win an OBF event.  Wyatt Ryan and Kelton Hendrix was third at 190 followed by Jeff Linder and Brett Krieger, 187, at fourth.  At fifth was Stewart Ryan and Wendel Reaper with 185 followed by Dean Matts and Scott Callaway, 182, Brandon West and Chris Angier, 181, Jody Linder and Jake Beam, 179, Tyler Waggoner and Bryce Harris, 179, and rounding out the top 10 was a three way tie between Mike Morgan and Blake Rauch, Shane Blocker and Matt Columbus, and Johnny Babb and Cain Brinlee at 178.

The Ranger Cup winners were Mike Morris Saturday and Gene Vogt on Sunday.  This program is open to all Ranger boat owners who can register and join.  Each winner at our tournaments will receive $75.  The total pay back to our team at each of the 6 events will be $1125 paying the top 5 teams and a blind draw for the 6th place.


Best Screens Available & High-Performance Processor with Power to Spare

The fish are ready. Are you?
Rig your boat with HDS Carbon and you will be ready — Ready for Battle.
Today, Lowrance® launched HDS Carbon, a new high-performance addition to the HDS Series of fishfinder/chartplotters.

HDS Carbon — which features 12-, 9- and 7-inch models — includes a new high-performance, dual-core processor, multi-touch SolarMAX™ HD display, Dual Channel CHIRP and Network Dual Sounder sonar technology.

HDS Carbon takes processing power to new heights with a dual core processor that allows anglers to switch between applications and simultaneously view independent sonar feeds with ease — smoothly driving high-tech Lowrance technology like StructureScan® 3D with SideScan and DownScan Imaging™, StructureMap™, Broadband Radar™, SiriusXM® Weather Chart Overlay™ and more.

Lowrance SolarMAX™ HD display technology features high-definition views and clear visibility in all conditions with the widest available range of viewing angles. The new displays are engineered to withstand higher temperatures than conventional units, offering better reliability in warmer climates.

HDS Carbon bolsters award-winning Lowrance sonar technology lineup with the addition of Dual Channel CHIRP and Network Dual Sounder. Dual Channel CHIRP enables anglers to view dual range sonar coverage from the same transducer when a dual channel CHIRP sonar transducer is installed on their boat. Network Dual Sounder supplies sonar data from a network of CHIRP transducers, allowing anglers to cover more water in less time and mark fish targets more clearly.

Key Features:

  • NEW ultra-bright HDS SolarMAX™ HD displays with greater resolution and a wider range of viewing angles
  • NEW high-performance HDS processor for faster redraws and quicker response times
  • NEW HDS Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar – dual sonar-range coverage from the same transducer*
  • NEW HDS Network Dual Sounder – cover more water and mark fish targets more clearly from a network of CHIRP sonar transducers
  • Multi-touch display interface
  • StructureScan® 3D ready
  • Built-in CHIRP and Broadband Sounder™
  • SmartSteer™ control for Xi5 Trolling Motor and Outboard Pilot
  • Radar and SonicHub®2 audio server connectivity
  • Wireless and Bluetooth® connectivity
  • NMEA 2000® engine support
  • Built-in C-MAP charts with a multitude of mapping options (C-MAP, Navionics® and more)

*requires dual-channel CHIRP sonar transducer

Introducing New Lowrance HDS Carbon Displays

Watch Video


FLW to Debut 24-event High School Fishing Open Series

MINNEAPOLIS (Dec. 14, 2016) – Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) and The Bass Federation (TBF) today announced a multi-year extension to their strategic partnership, bolstering the relationship between the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization and the nation’s oldest broad-based grassroots fishing, youth and conservation organization. Terms of the agreement were not released.

As part of the extended partnership FLW will undertake the largest expansion of the co-managed High School Fishing program since launching the state-championship series of High School Fishing events in partnership with TBF in 2011. The expansion includes facilitating a new series of 24 High School Fishing Open tournaments to complement the existing State Championships and High School Fishing World Finals coordinated by TBF. TBF will also debut two High School Fishing Challenge events to meet growing demand from the more than 15,000 young anglers that participated in the program in 2016. All told, students will now have 76 FLW and TBF High School Fishing events in which to compete in 2017.

“High School Fishing is the foundation on which our sport will continue to grow,” said FLW President of Operations Kathy Fennel. “With the continued erosion of traditional pathways into fishing, the industry is taking note of High School Fishing’s recruitment, retention and reactivation potential. All it takes is one visit to a High School Fishing tournament to see that FLW and TBF have tapped into something special that unites generations in a way our sport has never seen before.”

No changes will be made to the existing program for adult TBF anglers. Fourteen TBF anglers (seven boaters and seven co-anglers) will advance to the BFL All-American from the TBF National Championship. The TBF National Champion boater will also advance to the Forrest Wood Cup and continue to receive the life-changing “Living the Dream” package to fish the entire season as an FLW Tour pro using a TBF-wrapped Ranger boat and tow vehicle without paying a single entry fee. TBF members will also continue to receive priority entry into all FLW tournaments.

“TBF is proud to partner with FLW in providing the nation’s most extensive network of grass-roots fishing opportunities from our TBF junior program through high school and college to the TBF National Semi-Final Series for adult anglers and ultimately our ‘Living the Dream’ package on the FLW Tour,” said TBF President Robert Cartlidge. “No two organizations work more closely to provide more fishing opportunities for more anglers nationwide than FLW and TBF. We are proud of that tradition and what it means for future generations.”

Veteran Bass Fishing League (BFL) tournament director Dave Maxfield has been tapped to lead the new series of High School Fishing Opens as FLW High School Fishing tournament director. Working closely alongside Maxfield will be Scott Ellison, who has been promoted to FLW Youth Director and Promotion’s Manager.

Going forward, High School Fishing will operate on a school calendar with the National Championship being held in the summer in conjunction with the High School Fishing World Finals. The top 10 percent of teams in each State Championship, Challenge and Open will advance directly to the High School Fishing National Championship. The High School Fishing national champions will each receive a $5,000 college scholarship to the school of their choice.

All participants must be Student Angler Federation (SAF) members to participate. SAF membership includes both TBF and FLW membership plus a digital subscription to FLW Bass Fishing magazine, online training courses and more.

SAF members never pay an entry fee to participate in FLW or TBF High School Fishing tournaments and all clubs are covered by SAF insurance, which means there is no added expense for schools with sanctioned High School Fishing clubs.

2017 High School Fishing Open & Challenge Schedule:

Jan. 15 – Lake Okeechobee Challenge,   Lake Okeechobee

Feb. 19 – Lake Hartwell Early Bird Challenge, Lake Hartwell

March 4 – South Carolina Open,  Lake Murray

March 11 – Mississippi Open, Columbus Pool

March 25 – Arkansas Open, Lake Hamilton

April 1 – Texas Open, Lake of the Pines

April 22 – Alabama Open, Logan Martin Lake

April 29 – North Carolina Open, High Rock Lake

May 6 – Wisconsin Open & Iowa State Championship, Mississippi River @ La Crosse

May 13 – Missouri Open, Truman Lake

May 14 – California Open & State Championship, California Delta

May 20 – Virginia Open & State Championship, Claytor Lake

June 3 – Minnesota Open, Mississippi River

June 10 – Michigan Open & State Championship, Detroit River

Sept. 9 – Louisiana Open, Ouachita River

Sept. 16 – Maryland Open, Potomac River

Sept. 23 – Pennsylvania Open, Raystown Lake

Sept. 30 – Indiana Open, Lake Monroe

Oct. 7 – Illinois Open, Lake Springfield

Oct.14 – New York Open, Oneida Lake

Oct. 21- Oklahoma Open, Grand Lake

Oct. 28 – Ohio Open, Caesar Creek

Nov. 4 – Kentucky Open, Lake Cumberland

Nov. 18 – Tennessee Open, Norris Lake

Dec. 2 – Georgia Open, Lake Lanier

Dec. 9 – Florida Open, St. Johns River

2017 High School Fishing State Championship Schedule:

Jan. 29 – Texas State Championship, Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Feb. 11 – Georgia State Championship, West Point Lake

Feb. 26 – Florida State Championship, St. Johns River

March 25 – Louisiana State Championship,Cross Lake

April 1- Kentucky State Championship, Lake Cumberland

April 1- Mississippi State Championship, Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

April 2 – Illinois State Championship, Clinton Lake

April 9 – North Carolina State Championship, Kerr Lake

April 9 – Missouri State Championship, Table Rock Lake

April 29 – South Carolina State Championship, Lake Murray

May 6 – Ohio State Championship, Alum Creek Reservoir

May 7 – Arkansas State Championship, Lake Dardanelle

May 7 – Idaho State Championship, C.J. Strike Reservoir

May 7 – Tennessee State Championship, Norris Lake

May 20 – Arizona State Championship, Lake Pleasant

May 21 – Alabama State Championship, Lake Neely Henry

June 3 – Indiana State Championship, Brookville Lake

June 3 – Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut Tri State Championship, Mashapaug Pond

June 11 – Colorado & New Mexico Dual State Championship, Lake Pueblo

July 8 – Wisconsin State Championship, Lake Winnebago

July 9 – Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & New Jersey Quad State Championship,Chesapeake Bay

July 15 – New York State Championship, Mohawk River

July 15 – South Dakota State Championship, Lake Cochran

July 16 – Minnesota State Championship, Mille Lacs Lake

July 16 – Ontario Province Championship, Georgian Bay

July 22 – Nebraska State Championship, Lake Merritt

Aug. 13 – Washington State Championship, Potholes Reservoir

High School Fishing World Finals and National Championships:

June 3, 2017 – National Championship, Wheeler Lake
(2016 qualifiers)

June 27-July 1, 2017   2017 World Finals/National Championship, Pickwick Lake. (qualifiers from events held Jan. 1 – June 10, 2017)

June 26-30, 2018        2018 World Finals/National Championship, TBA. (qualifiers from events held June 11, 2017 to June 9, 2018)

Complete rules can be found online at FLWFishing.com and Highschoolfishing.org.

For State Championships, each team must compete in the state in which their school is located. Teams from all states can participate in Open tournaments and Challenge events. Entries for State Championships and Challenge events should be made at Highschoolfishing.org or by calling TBF at (580)-765-9031. Entries for Opens should be made at FLWfishing.com or by calling FLW at (270)-252-1000. Entries for all events will be accepted beginning January 3. There is no limit to the number of teams accepted into a tournament from each school or club.

Full schedules, including additional state championships, and latest announcements will be available on Highschoolfishing.org and FLWFishing.com.

About FLW

FLW is the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, providing anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for millions in prize money in 2017 across five tournament circuits. Headquartered in Benton, Kentucky, with offices in Minneapolis, FLW conducts more than 235 bass-fishing tournaments annually across the United States and sanctions tournaments in Canada, China, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea. FLW tournament fishing can be seen on the Emmy-nominated “FLW” television show, broadcast to more than 564 million households worldwide, while FLW Bass Fishing magazine delivers cutting-edge tips from top pros. For more information visit FLWFishing.com and follow FLW at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat: @FLWFishing.

 About The Bass Federation

The Bass Federation Inc., (TBF) is a member of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. TBF is owned by those we serve and dedicated to the sport of fishing. The Federation is the largest and oldest, organized grassroots fishing, youth and conservation organization there is. TBF, our affiliated state federations and their member clubs conduct more than 20,000 events each year and have provided a foundation for the entire bass fishing industry for more than 45 years. TBF founded the Student Angler Federation and the National High School Fishing program in 2008 to promote clean family fun and education through fishing. Visit bassfederation.com or highschoolfishing.org and “LIKE US” on Facebook.


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